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Corfu Coastal Bliss Gulet Cruise Adventure

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Day 1 - Arrival Day Our Corfu cruise starts on Saturdays, at 17 00. Disembarkation, also takes place on Saturdays, exactly one week after embarkation, at 09 00. With this in mind, we start our journey from Corfu's Old Port, which is full of Greek tavernas, local product markets and plenty of antique shops. Apart from that, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town offers a unique scenic experience, given its architecture and general structure which is quite unique After boarding and meeting with the rest of your group, a lovely welcome dinner will be offered to you, which we will enjoy right before, we head to our first destination, Kassiopi

Day 2 - Cruise Day The Ionian Islands are the wettest of the Greek islands, so forget about the typical rugged, rocky coasts of Greece. The Ionian Sea will amaze you with its lush forests, green hills covered with olive groves, crystal clear waters and sparkling white beaches You can find this descriptive scenery, hidden among the Sivota Mourtos Islands, which are located south of Corfu's mainland. We arrive here, on the second day and while we are at this island complex, we need to visit its highlights, the blue lagoon and the famous Papanikolis cave Later into the day, don't miss out on strolling through the traditional Marina village and before you leave, be sure to grab something to eat and drink from the numerous idyllic tavern-lined tavernas, which are located on the marina, above the shore

Day 3 - Cruise Day Parga has been described as one of the most beautiful villages in Greece and undoubtingly, as the most beautiful in the Ionian Sea With its two crystal clear bays, each on both sides of the village, its famous Venetian castle, and its numerous bars and water sports facilities, Parga is a must-see for your summer holidays Grab your hats and sunglasses, put on plenty of sunscreen and prepare to create some forever-lasting Greek summer memories, at this beautiful, picturesque destination Note Due to Parga's undeveloped-port infrastructure, there is not plenty of available space, on the marina, which means, that in case the gulet does not manage to dock at the port, you will need to use a water taxi, to reach the shore. The cost, for this, is not included in the overall price package

Day 4 - Cruise Day The small island of Antipaxos is a true hidden gem and will be, a one-of-a-kind experience, for you While here, we fuel up with lunch, before stopping for some coastal relaxation, at some of the island's most secluded and tranquil bays, which are home to the famous Greek beaches of Voutoumi and Vrika You will have the chance, to snorkel, in the turquoise waters and feel the pebbles under your feet Take a walk amongst the clifftop and visit one of the three main towns - Gaios, Loggos or Lakka. Later in the night, we dine at a pop-up beachfront tavern, on a private beach off the public-main coast, and admire the sparkling night sky, from our gulet's deck Note The late-night dinner, is not included in the initial package price.

Day 5 - Cruise Day Until recently, Paxos was best known for its excellent olive oil, which is rumored to be one of the world's, best varieties Enjoy the lush green scenery of this tiny island, by renting a bicycle or a bike and head to any of its secluded coves to spend an idyllic summer afternoon, while sunbathing and swimming After returning to the city, enjoy some traditional local Greek seafood or even Meze, at one of the many local taverns, which are run by the local fishermen

Day 6 - Cruise Day This part of Paxos Island is packed with secluded coves and sea caves. A true dream, for any sea explorer Lakka is home to a small but vibrant village with shallow waters, known as a diving hotspot, for those who want to discover the Ionian Sea, by exploring its underwater wonders With multiple bars and tavernas, off the coast, Lakka is the epitome of Greek charm Note The vessel cannot dock at Lakka's marina, that is why we dock at one, of its numerous, secluded private coves

Day 7 - Cruise Day We arrive at Corfu's Old Port, in the afternoon, which means that we will have enough time, to roam around its new and Old Town Head to the old Venetian fortress to see the city from up high, or walk through the Old Town, admiring its gems, if of course, you have a couple of hours left While in the Old Town, make some time, to grab some Greek local souvenirs, or visit its museums and churches for a last sightseeing We spend the night at the Marina of Corfu's Old Town, where we enjoy an optional traditional dinner with the group, for our final farewell party After that, we head to the gulet, to enjoy our last night together on board, and on the next day, early in the morning, we sadly depart.

Day 8 - Departure Day As we have successfully cruised around Corfu and its island complex, this is our departure day.. We say goodbye to each other, take some last photos and head back Hopefully, though, we will see you again. Until then, we wish you all the best



Corfu Gulet Cruise

Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

Half Board | Double Room

Imagine stepping onto the shores of Zante, a dreamy Greek island where every corner whispers tales of adventure and serenity. Feel the warmth of the sun kissing your skin as you set sail on a magical seven-night gulet cruise, ready to be swept away by the island's allure. Wander through Zakynthos Town's cobblestone streets, where history and charm collide amidst Venetian architecture and lively markets. Dive into secluded coves and pristine beaches, like the legendary Navagio Beach, where the sea glimmers like a jewel. Let the aroma of freshly caught seafood tantalize your senses, indulging in authentic Greek flavors. Zante's blend of natural beauty and hospitality ensures an unforgettable journey aboard a gulet cruise, promising memories to cherish forever.


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What's Included

  • Return flights from various UK airports
  • Traditional ensuite ship
  • 7-nights onboard
  • Daily breakfast and lunch buffets
  • Welcome & Captain's dinner on last night
  • Private beach stops
  • Daily swim stops
  • A/C ensuite cabins (subject to limitation)
  • Wi-Fi (subject to limitation)

Holiday Highlights

  • Enjoy a week off adventuring through Gulet Cruise
  • Half Board